Viewer mode. Main Toolbar

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Main app screen

When you select a pattern file from the favorites or from the file browser tab, the pattern viewer screen will be opened:

The pattern viewer screen

Zoomed part of a pattern chart

Viewer mode

In the viewer mode, when is no any color frame around the screen, you can move the chart with one or two fingers, change the scale with a two-finger pinch.

In this mode you can quickly navigate around the chart, view it to select a stitching position

If you tap on a some color square or on a backstitch element, then color of this element will become a selected color:

main view selectedSelected green element with a solid circle symbol

Main toolbar

standart toolbar
Standart toolbar
full toolbar
Toolbar with all options on
compact toolbar
Compact toolbar

Brief information, details will be provided later in the article.

  1. View pannel and Setting panel buttons
    view options btns
    Open the view panel or settings panel, respectively. Panels can be closed either by clicking on the area with an arrow, or by clicking the same button again
  2. Cross stitching buttons
    cross btns
    Buttons for erasing and restoring cross stithces (including half-stitches and petites)
  3. Buttons for working with backstitch and decorative elements (french knotes, beads, decorative stitches)
    backstitch btnsButtons for erasing and restoring backstitch and other elements
  4. Buttons for working with a selected area and working with parking marks (activated on the settings panel)
    selection parking btnsWorking with selection area and parking marks
  5. Buttons for resetting the material selection and canceling the action
    reset undo btnsReset button - resets the material selection, cancel button - cancels the last action, if possible
  6. Buttons for quickly switching through the palette (activated on the settings panel)
    materials switch btnsFast switch the selected palette element to the previous or next non-completed material in the palette
  7. Selected material card
    A short press on it opens the palette, and a long press switches the display of the manufacturer's color code to the serial number in the palette
  8. Remained stitches counter
    It count full-stitches, half-stitches and petites. When selected backstitch tool, then count backstitches and other elements of a selected color
  9. Minimize toolbar button
    Switch the toolbar to the compact mode

Material(color) card

material card
Card with a selected material
material card palette number
Display palette serial number mode
material card blend
Blended(mixed of several) material selected

The material card displays:

  • color of the element
  • element's symbol
  • a brand color code or a serial palette number (switched by long press)
  • strands for all stitch types in the pattern
  • for blends: colors of the mix and strands of each thread

Below the card displays remained count of selected stitches.

You can reset the color selection in Viewer mode in the following ways:

  • tap the button with a cross above the material card
  • tap on an area outside the chart
  • tap on an area in the chart without elements
  • press the back button on your device

If no material is selected, then the card displays the total number of materials in the palette and the number of remained stitches(full, half and petites):

material card no selectedCard with no material selected

View panel

view panelView panel

View style options:

  • «Embroidery preview» a rendered view of what the embroidery will look like, including displaying blends in their color pairs.
  • «Cross stitching mode» the main mode of working with the chart, completed stitches are displayed in a contrasting color, for easy orientation along the edge of the completed part of the chart
  • «Backstitching mode» a mode in which completed stitches are displayed in their own color, but with transparency, for orientation along already completed sections
preview styleEmbroidery preview mode

View options:

  • «On/off completed stitches» if suddenly you need to return to the stitched place and see what colors were there
  • «On/off symbols» if you are guided by colors and symbols you need only on the material card
  • «Horizontal stitches counter» shows the number of selected non-embroidered cross stitches horizontally
  • «Vertical stitches counter» shows the number of selected non-embroidered cross stitches vertically
no symbols optionThe chart with switched symbols off
horizontal counterHorizontal stitches counter
vertical counterVertical stitches counter


  • «1:1» approximate actual size for selected canvas count and for your screen pixels density
  • «MAX» fit all the chart to the screen
zoom to 1Zoom 1:1 for this pattern

Grid options:

  • «On/off grig»
  • «Cross at 5x5 point» shows an additional cross in the center of each 10x10 square, with each click you can increase the size from 1 to 3 cells
  • «Centerlines»
  • «Rulers»
grid optionsChart with 5x5 crosses and centerlines

Color selection modes:

  • «Contrast» when choosing a light color, the background becomes dark, and when choosing a dark color, the background becomes light
  • «Light backgound»
  • «Dark background»
  • «Highlighting selected completed stitches» the selected finished stitches will be additionally highlighted
  • «Alternate finished stitch color» set in the color settings on the settings panel
contrast light
Contrast mode for dark color
contrast dark
Contrast mode for light color
force light selection
Light background mode
selected completed highlightHighlighting selected completed stitches

Stitches visibility by types:

With these buttons, you can turn off each type of element on the chart. For example, backstitch or beads bother you, you can turn them off here.

¾ stitch settings:

If there are petites or quarter-crosses in the pattern and it is supposed to be ¾ crosses, then you can enable them here.

Settings panel

The settings panel contains the "Tools" and "Options" tabs, the button for exiting the pattern, as well as the button for the pattern menu

Pattern menu contains:

  • Add this pattern to the «Favorites»
  • Get the pattern files information

"Tools" tab

tools panelTools tab

"INSTRUCTIONS" button opens the website with instructions.

Current pattern information, more information can be obtained by clicking on the button with the icon "i"

The current progress of the pattern as a percentage.

By clicking on the "STATISTICS"button, you can go to the Statistics window.
Next to the statistics button, there is a button to clear it if you want to delete all your progress on the pattern.

"Goals" section
You can create, edit and view your Goals.

"Options" tab

options panelOptions tab

"Colors and lines" button opens colors and lines settings window.
Nearby is a button to enable/disable popup tips.

Interface options:

  • Add the backstitch controls
  • Add the parking button
  • Add the selection mode button
  • Add the quick colors swigth buttons

Material card options:

  • Display a brand color code
  • Display a palette order number
  • Display a brand code order number
  • Display symbol color and symbol background color from the chart settings

Origin offset

If you need to change the position of the coordinate origin, use these buttons.
To quickly jump to extreme positions, use long presses


If you want to embroider in the rotation, or a mirror image of the pattern, then use the transformation buttons

Change the half-stitches direction:

If you need to change the direction of the half-cross in the entire pattern, you can choose one of two options. If you need to reset all stitches to their original direction, press the button again to reset and open the chart again.