Palette colors conversion

convert_dialog.pngColor conversion window

It should be remembered that if a manufacturer does not position itself as a “DMC analogue”, then most likely its palette does not have exact matches with DMC colors.

Any conversion between palettes will change the embroidery result. For multi-color paintings with smooth transitions, this can be very noticeable. At the same time, for many subjects, this may be acceptable.

In the converter, you can select several palettes that will be used to search for colors close to the original ones from the scheme. It is important to ensure that the threads of the selected palettes are the same in “perception”.

As a result of the selection, you will receive a table containing the initial color and 3 options for “closest colors”. 

The color cell indicates the conditional percentage of “similarity”. It can be assumed that if this percentage > 90%, then the colors are quite similar. 

By clicking on a cell, you select that option to replace the color. You can also choose the original option if you do not want to replace it.